Twiggy Forrest Pushing To Redirect Australia’s Diesel Rebate To Fund Green Hydrogen

Andrew (Twiggy) Forrest of Fortescue Metals has stuck a wand in the eye of two of Australia’s largest export industries. He has managed to annoy farmers and miners alike by specifically pressuring the Australian government to switch fossil fuel subsidies. He proposes to phase out the scheme from 2025 to 2030 for the largest diesel users, while leaving the program open to small businesses and farmers. It is enthusiastically supported by the Australian Conservation Foundation.

Australia has a fuel tax credit scheme to ensure rural businesses, which rely heavily on diesel, are not harmed by paying taxes on their off-road use. Up to 30% of the diesel cost is a nominally levied federal tax for road maintenance.

Canceling the recovery plan would save the federal government $8 billion.

pharmaline reports,”The agricultural industry has condemned mining magnate Andrew “Twiggy” Forrest for putting private pressure on the government to phase out multi-billion dollar diesel subsidies, and divert money to green hydrogen projects.”

“We’re saying that if you don’t use those roads and you fuel the machines, the fees will go to build those roads, we’ll give you a discount because you don’t use them. NDP Deputy Leader David Littleproud said,”

Even hospitals using diesel generators have been drawn into controversy to support the billions paid to big miners.

Peter Kerr says, “Confusion reigns over Fortescue Metals Group’s position on the diesel fuel discount, with the iron ore miner refusing to say whether it will voluntarily withdraw from the scheme or whether it believes the federal government should scrap it entirely.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison indicated on November 9 that he believed the opponent should remain.

As usual, politicians and industries related to fossil fuels missed the target. The move is designed to enable the transition from diesel power to green hydrogen, something Twiggy is already doing. The goal is to use the same money for something climate-friendly.

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