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Thanksgiving – and the United States as a whole – has a… complicated history. It’s not as rosy and positive and impressive as we Americans first learned and like to think. so he saidThere’s one thing that’s great about Thanksgiving – it’s so important, so useful, and so much fun thank you. Whenever we get the chance, it’s a good idea to think about what we should be grateful for and why.

With that in mind, I want to present a business I thank you To you, millions of monthly readers (and tens of thousands of regular readers daily). This is a wonderful community of smart, often altruistic people who I can’t honestly thank enough – and I’m sure our writers feel the same.

We learn so much from you, and it’s worth remembering that from time to time we’d have to do other work if we didn’t have to support our jobs in news coverage, journalism, opinion pieces and clean tech obsession.

So, thank you for reading CleanTechnica, support us financially if you do, and chime in when you are inspired (or motivated) to chime in. I have said many times that the comments section is the best part of CleanTechnica, I support it. However, I know that the vast majority of readers never comment, and today is a thank you day for all of you as well.

Thank you, and let us hope for an even more inspiring year to come.

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