San Diego: One dead in shooting at entrance to Marine Recruit Depot

Shortly before noon, a vehicle attempted to enter the facility at a checkpoint, according to a base spokesperson in a statement issued late Friday. Officials said guards ordered the car to stop, but the driver got off with a knife and approached the gate with “hostile intent.” After several warnings, al-Qaeda personnel shot the driver, … Read more

Waukesha parade victims who need wheelchairs are getting ramps thanks to a local contractor

“I knew I had an idea that could help these people,” Held told CNN. Heald decided to start building wheelchair ramps for victims who would need one once they got home. There are at least four ramps required during the first run, but as victims begin to leave the hospital in the coming months, there … Read more

Durham, NC: At least one person shot at Southpoint mall, city council member says

At least one person has been shot on The Streets at Southpoint, according to City Councilor Mark Anthony Middleton, who spoke with Police Chief Patrice Andrews, who was on his way to the scene. “I can confirm that at least one person has been injured at Southpoint Mall,” he said. “We know there are a … Read more

A gunshot victim finally got to thank the medical student who saved him 25 years ago

Now, 25 years later, earlier this month Baltimore resident Damon Walker met a medical student who drove into chaos rather than escape from it. “I constantly think about that moment when I’m in rock bottom and have no hope of living, you know, knowing death was imminent,” Walker told CNN on Friday. “I said a … Read more

Brian Laundrie’s family didn’t want to set off a public ‘frenzy’ by revealing gun was missing, attorney says

Laundry’s parents, Chris and Roberta Laundry, were turning in their guns to law enforcement on September 17 — the same day they reported the loss of their son — when they discovered one gun was not in his case, Bertolino told CNN Friday. He said the FBI and Northport Police, Florida, were present at the … Read more

Chief Charles Moose, the face of the DC sniper investigation, dies at 68

Citing his wife, the department said the 68-year-old died on Thanksgiving. “He was a great leader and led our department through the DC Sniper investigation, one of the most difficult crimes in our nation’s history. We send our condolences to his wife Sandy and all of his family and friends.” Leader Marcus Jones said in … Read more

Natural vs. artificial: Which Christmas tree option is better for climate?

While some enjoy the scent of a real tree and the joy of picking one from a local farm, others prefer the simplicity of artificial trees that they can reuse for upcoming Christmases. But consumers are becoming more climate conscious, and thinking about which tree has the least impact on our rapidly warming planet has … Read more

New Jersey officer faces charges after body of hit-and-run victim was found in the back seat of his car, prosecutors say

Luis Santiago, 25, was off duty when prosecutors alleged that he traveled on the right shoulder of State Parkway around 3 a.m. on November 1, and collided with nurse Damian Dimka, according to a news release from the Essex County District Attorney’s office. Prosecutors allege that Santiago and his passenger, 25-year-old Albert Guzman, did not … Read more

Bart the Bear II, featured in countless films and TV shows, dies

In a post on The Vital Ground Foundation, which was co-founded by Seus, he said they are “humbled and forever grateful for sharing our lives with this noble gentleman.” Vital Ground operates mostly in the Rockies to conserve land for grizzly bears and other wildlife, according to its website. In 2000, Bart was orphaned in … Read more