Outreach Center provides education for underserved communities

Community outreach programs revolve around providing support to citizens and the local community. The establishment of the Lincoln University Collaborative Extension Outreach Center (LUCE) at the University of Lincoln in Sexton, Missouri also included public and environmental safeguards. Continue reading below Our featured videos The outreach center opened in October 2021, replacing an older and … Read more

Huge solar energy project coming to Winona State University

Reducing energy dependence leads to lower electricity bills and benefits the environment by conserving resources. The more use, the greater the effect. Therefore, when it comes to a campus, the opportunity to significantly reduce energy is heavy in both the investment required and the rewards realized for the campus and the planet. Continue reading below … Read more

Modular design helps UCLA’s Pritzker Hall earn LEED Platinum

There is no better place to ensure a healthy physical and mental environment than in a university’s Bachelor of Psychology program. So when UCLA received $30 million in funding from the Anthony and Jane Pritzker Family Foundation, it used the money to renovate the former Franz Hall into the modern and now completed Pritzker Hall. … Read more