Prince William’s overpopulation remarks will do women no favors

As I was looking for reactions to the second consecutive address to the British throne at the awards ceremony on Monday where he said: “The increasing pressure on wildlife and wild places in Africa, as a result of the human population, is a major challenge for conservationists, “I found almost identical notes he made four … Read more

UK lawmaker Stella Creasy reprimanded for bringing baby to work

The opposition Labor MP, Stella Creasy, said a House representative had told her it was against the rules to bring a child to a debate at Westminster Hall with her son on Tuesday. Chrissy shared an email sent to her by the private secretary to the Chairman of the Board of Directors for Ways and … Read more

Flying Flowers built the world’s first bee-tirement home

Flying Flowers UK is trying to raise bee awareness by building the world’s first beekeeping home. The bee doll is both eye-catching and too cute for words, but the company’s efforts make important points about our dependence on bees. Not only does the floral company have an interest in bees, but we all should too. … Read more

Scotland’s plastic ban may fail due to UK’s internal strife

The Scottish government has announced that it will ban the sale of plastic straws, cutlery and food packaging made of polystyrene next year. This is part of a larger plan to reduce plastic waste and reduce pollution. The ban will include all polystyrene food packaging containers and their lids, as well as balloon sticks, plates, … Read more