Forest Pavilion blends nature with residential development

Sometimes there is a clear line between where the forest meets the urban margin. Other times, the two are seamlessly connected through planning with an emphasis on quality of life and outdoor participation. Such is the case at Forestias, one of the largest real estate development projects in Thailand. Continue reading below Our featured videos … Read more

Aeon is a point between two worlds

From the steel door entry, to the soft lines, to the stark contrast in the interior design, Aeon is all about embracing and breaking boundaries. Continue reading below Our featured videos The two buildings that make up Aeon, a hotel and wellness center, return time and time again to a connected, yet separate theme. The … Read more

Can the Amazon rainforest survive?

Humans are heading toward a catastrophic tipping point in the Amazon rainforest, according to a recent study by more than 200 scientists. If we do not change our habits immediately, the damage will be irreparable. Continue reading below Our featured videos According to the study authors, more than a third of the Amazon rainforest has … Read more