World Chess Championship: Chess is sexy again. But for Magnus Carlsen, it’s business as usual

He will face contender Ian Nepomnyashchi across 14 matches for a staggering $2.24 million prize money. Friday’s opening match had ended in a draw. Since the 1970s, when American legend Bobby Fisher came onto the scene, the game has captured the world’s attention in this way. Is chess sexy again? Carlsen does not matter, as … Read more

Marko Grilc: Snowboarder dies in accident, according to sponsors

A 38-year-old Slovenian man was fatally wounded in the head in a snowboarding accident on Tuesday, a police press release in Tirol, Austria said. According to the statement, the man was part of a filming team exploring the terrain when the skater, who was not wearing a helmet, fell and hit his head with a … Read more

LeBron James: Superstar gets fans ejected from game on return and hits clutch 3 in Lakers OT win

The Los Angeles Lakers star returned to the field for the first time after being sent off for the second time ever against the Detroit Pistons on Sunday, and the 36-year-old dismissed any remaining frustrations in a 124-116 overtime win over the Indiana Pacers in Indianapolis. Despite Anthony Davis’ absence due to illness, James went … Read more