Public art EV charging stations merge design and function

Architecture, art, and functional elements fill the urban atmosphere, usually as separate entities in the same environment. Art may be present in public spaces for the enjoyment of citizens. Architecture serves a purpose, yet it can also be visually appealing. The technology is seen all over the city, but there is often nothing special to … Read more

Massive electric vehicle charging system coming to L.A.

The Los Angeles Department of Transportation (LADOT) has been awarded a $6 million grant to build one of the largest electric vehicle fleet charging systems in the United States. The entire system will be powered by a small grid of solar energy and storage. Continue reading below Our featured videos The grant, provided by the … Read more

Solar program has customers saving money from renewable energy

Making the individual decision to invest in renewable energy is a good decision for the environment. Some regions make it easy to take advantage of solar, wind, water, and other renewable energy options by paying a few extra dollars on your monthly bill. Other regions do not offer the option at all, or the options … Read more

Renewables can power the world, according to new study

A recent study published in Nature Communications found that renewable energy sources can meet most of the world’s energy needs. According to the authors, even the most industrialized countries that need a heavy source of energy can rely on renewable energy, especially wind and solar energy. Continue reading below Our featured videos The study was … Read more

Smart flower LOTUS moves in response to light

The recipe for this art show includes a dash of intrigue, a measure of intelligence and a full service of the “WOW” factor. LOTUS is a smart, nature-inspired material that mirrors the way flowers work when they’re in the sun. Continue reading below Our featured videos The story of LOTUS in 2010 begins with curiosity … Read more

Huge solar energy project coming to Winona State University

Reducing energy dependence leads to lower electricity bills and benefits the environment by conserving resources. The more use, the greater the effect. Therefore, when it comes to a campus, the opportunity to significantly reduce energy is heavy in both the investment required and the rewards realized for the campus and the planet. Continue reading below … Read more

A billion-dollar solar investment is coming to Texas

Chem-Energy has announced a planned investment of $1 billion in a solar and battery power plant project. Development will take place in central Texas from spring 2022. The petroleum products giant is among many in the industry seeking diversification as the world phases out fossil fuels. Continue reading below Our featured videos The company will … Read more