Old New York school will be re-used to be a community center

A team of professionals, including architects, designers and building contractors, have been selected by the New York City Department of Home Preservation and Development to redesign and develop the East Harlem multi-service center. It is located at 413 East 120th St. The historic school building will be redesigned as a multi-purpose community center. Continue reading … Read more

Outreach Center provides education for underserved communities

Community outreach programs revolve around providing support to citizens and the local community. The establishment of the Lincoln University Collaborative Extension Outreach Center (LUCE) at the University of Lincoln in Sexton, Missouri also included public and environmental safeguards. Continue reading below Our featured videos The outreach center opened in October 2021, replacing an older and … Read more

Sustainable and affordable urban block coming to Amsterdam

Located in Amsterdam, Robin Wood will be the most sustainable and affordable urban wood block in the Netherlands. The block features mixed-use properties, including available residential and commercial units. It will feature 165 subdividable homes catering to the private sector, medium and large families, and office users. Continue reading below Our featured videos The modular … Read more

Lakeview Community turns coal power plant into an eco city

Restoring the aqueduct is just one of the plans underway to transform a former coal power plant into Canada’s most sustainable 15-minute community in Mississauga. Lakeview Community Partners Ltd., the developer behind Lakeview Village, is restoring Cerson Creek, a buried underground waterway that runs through the community. The plan is to restore areas for wildlife … Read more

Seoul green city has food within a 10-minute walk anywhere

Hyundai Development Company hired UNStudio in 2019 to design a green mixed-use neighborhood in Seoul, Korea, a 10-minute city for the new digital economy. This means mixed-use spaces, green energy and digital packages for the residents who are expected to live, work and play in the 504,000 square meter neighborhood. Continue reading below Our featured … Read more

Solar program has customers saving money from renewable energy

Making the individual decision to invest in renewable energy is a good decision for the environment. Some regions make it easy to take advantage of solar, wind, water, and other renewable energy options by paying a few extra dollars on your monthly bill. Other regions do not offer the option at all, or the options … Read more

Chinese hospital’s biophilic design values patient wellness

B+H Architects has just revealed their design for the new Jiaxing Kaiyi Hospital in Zhejiang Province, China. It was designed with sustainability and patient health in mind. Opening in October 2021, the 500-bed hospital sets a new standard for wellness-oriented healthcare and includes natural ventilation, trees to shield the facility from road noise, and biophilic … Read more