MVMT releases new bracelet made from recycled ocean plastic

In the fight against pollution and environmental waste, there are many levels of like-minded people in government, non-profit and for-profit organizations and society all working towards the same goals. So it makes sense that a name like Surfrider would be a perfect match with #Tide Ocean and fashion company MVMT. Continue reading below Our featured … Read more

Tom Ford launches new plastic film alternative competition

In a world where the focus is shifting towards more sustainable products, research and development is critical in order to find viable alternatives to plastic. Innovation can come from surprising sources when it is prompted by the right support. With this in mind, Tom Ford and Lonely Whale’s 52HZ teamed up to launch the Tom … Read more

PANGEA Movement’s Eco-jacket uses 100% recycled materials

The Pangea movement revolves around the planet in more than just a name. It’s a company focused on green design products and a dedication to using sales revenue to rid the Earth’s waterways of plastic and other pollution. Continue reading below Our featured videos The newest eco-friendly product from the brand is called Eco-jacket. PANGEA … Read more

Scotland’s plastic ban may fail due to UK’s internal strife

The Scottish government has announced that it will ban the sale of plastic straws, cutlery and food packaging made of polystyrene next year. This is part of a larger plan to reduce plastic waste and reduce pollution. The ban will include all polystyrene food packaging containers and their lids, as well as balloon sticks, plates, … Read more