Hemp and lime studio in Italy highlights sustainable living

Architects Cosimo Terlizzi and partner Damien Modolo set up a llamame-style hemp and lime building art studio in southern Italy. It combines traditional building style from the Valle d’Itria region and Alto Salento with modern, sustainable materials and energy management systems. The team designed the studio to reflect the owners’ love of both police countryside … Read more

Cheap, durable and natural furniture from PlayWood

Italian design company PlayWood is setting a new standard for sustainable furniture. They have standard, recyclable products made from responsibly sourced natural materials. Continue reading below Our featured videos At its most basic level, PlayWood is wooden furniture. However, everything about it defies the typical waste of the furniture industry, from the selection of materials … Read more

Aeon is a point between two worlds

From the steel door entry, to the soft lines, to the stark contrast in the interior design, Aeon is all about embracing and breaking boundaries. Continue reading below Our featured videos The two buildings that make up Aeon, a hotel and wellness center, return time and time again to a connected, yet separate theme. The … Read more

Smart flower LOTUS moves in response to light

The recipe for this art show includes a dash of intrigue, a measure of intelligence and a full service of the “WOW” factor. LOTUS is a smart, nature-inspired material that mirrors the way flowers work when they’re in the sun. Continue reading below Our featured videos The story of LOTUS in 2010 begins with curiosity … Read more