Virtual pavilion looks into the future of sustainable design

The built environment is responsible for consuming more than a third of global energy and generates 40% of the world’s energy-related carbon emissions. To highlight the impact of sustainable design for local and global contexts, the AECOM Visualization and Virtual Reality team, in collaboration with the exhibition designers at the Install Archive, designed a virtual … Read more

Backwards Sky Ranch House offers gorgeous valley views

Nestled in a beautiful landscape, Backwards Sky Ranch House by Clayton Korte stretches from the Dry Frio River in Hill Country, Central Texas, south to a broad prairie. The site’s own design and adaptability allow residents to enjoy the natural environment and surrounding landscape while mitigating harsh weather conditions to maintain thermal comfort. Continue reading … Read more

PANGEA Movement’s Eco-jacket uses 100% recycled materials

The Pangea movement revolves around the planet in more than just a name. It’s a company focused on green design products and a dedication to using sales revenue to rid the Earth’s waterways of plastic and other pollution. Continue reading below Our featured videos The newest eco-friendly product from the brand is called Eco-jacket. PANGEA … Read more

Meet The Line, a sustainable design that looks like a ship

From afar, you might think The Line – a recently completed high-rise apartment building in Amsterdam – is a moored ship. On the IJ Waterway in the heart of Amsterdam’s Overhoeks district, The Line embodies social and sustainable design. Continue reading below Our featured videos The Line is a product of Orange Architects, a multidisciplinary … Read more

Outreach Center provides education for underserved communities

Community outreach programs revolve around providing support to citizens and the local community. The establishment of the Lincoln University Collaborative Extension Outreach Center (LUCE) at the University of Lincoln in Sexton, Missouri also included public and environmental safeguards. Continue reading below Our featured videos The outreach center opened in October 2021, replacing an older and … Read more

Thoughtful Human makes zero-waste cards for every occasion

Ali O’Grady’s Thoughtful Human business is different from other greeting card companies. First, it is zero waste. You can plant cards and grow wildflowers. And these cards don’t celebrate typical holidays. Thoughtful Human Greetings are appropriate when you find out that a loved one has cancer, is in rehab, or just experienced a miscarriage. Continue … Read more

Biophilic Belgian Pavilion features futuristic sustainable design

The theme of Expo 2020 Dubai is ‘Connecting Minds, Creating the Future’. In line with this, the Belgian pavilion, called The Green Arch, strives to be a role model in the field of sustainable development. The architects, Vincent Callebaut Architectures and Assar Architects, used futuristic design through greenery, solid wood construction and passive energy to … Read more

Los Angeles art show features historic Barnsdall olive wood

Barnsdale Art Park in East Hollywood, California has spent its pandemic years changing. The park is best known for its art center and the site of Hollyhock House, designed by famed architect Frank Lloyd Wright. But amid this urban oasis is a historic olive grove of 463 trees. And now an innovative art gallery and … Read more

Vertical farm building in China feeds 40,000 people

Carlo Ratti Associati has released the design of an office tower in Shenzhen, China whose entire facade will be a vertical urban hydroponics farm. The Jian Mu Tower is designed to fill the last property opened in Shenzhen’s Central Business District. It was also entered in the building design competition for Chinese supermarket chain Wumart. … Read more

Modular design helps UCLA’s Pritzker Hall earn LEED Platinum

There is no better place to ensure a healthy physical and mental environment than in a university’s Bachelor of Psychology program. So when UCLA received $30 million in funding from the Anthony and Jane Pritzker Family Foundation, it used the money to renovate the former Franz Hall into the modern and now completed Pritzker Hall. … Read more