We need to talk about farming, agriculture and emissions

Many vegetarian activists claim that leaders at COP26 do not pay enough attention to methane emissions from agriculture. They say a global change in diet toward vegetarians could help slow climate change. Continue reading below Our featured videos Animal agriculture contributes about 20% to human-caused climate change. The need for pasture also leads to deforestation. … Read more

7 countries vow to end new oil and gas exploration

Yesterday at COP26, seven countries and one Canadian province joined the Beyond Oil and Gas Alliance. BOGA members have committed to halting oil and gas exploration and production. Continue reading below Our featured videos With none of the seven countries being a major oil or gas producer, the pledge appears more symbolic than practical to … Read more

Climate change is destroying Indigenous rock art

The original rock art persisted for tens of thousands of years. But global warming may be his death. As extreme weather events such as fires, hurricanes, floods and erosion intensify, rock art fades and disappears. A report at a recent symposium declared that the damage is now irreversible. Continue reading below Our featured videos The … Read more