Here are 5 Indigenous eco-charities to support

“There is no Planet B.” Perhaps no one understands this better than the natives. Understanding how to coexist with nature has been a basic life skill for many generations, and indigenous peoples today still respect the environment through various movements. These movements support sustainable, low-impact lifestyles that meet the needs of people and the planet. … Read more

Turns out, many Americans actually do support climate action

Americans are open to new climate change policies as long as they provide environmental, social, and economic benefits. This is according to sociologists Janet K. Swim and Nathaniel Geiger. According to the two, many Americans are willing to embrace positive climate change policies regardless of political affiliation. Continue reading below Our featured videos Swim, a … Read more

Giant puppet represents refugee children at COP26

Yesterday, Little Amal finally arrived at COP26 in Glasgow, just in time to lead a plenary session with Samoan activist Brianna Fruean on Gender Day. Little Amal arrived on foot, matching a giant doll depicting a nine-year-old Syrian refugee. Like many refugees, the doll has come a long way — 4,970 miles after leaving Gaziantep, … Read more

At COP26, Indigenous activists are fighting to be heard

At COP26 in Glasgow, activists and experts are seeking to be heard and their issues addressed. However, many reasons are ignored. Ruth Miller, director of climate justice for the Indigenous Movement, an Alaska-based grassroots group representing the Miller Aboriginal community, teamed up with eight other young people representing Indigenous groups to advance their agenda at … Read more

Lakeview Community turns coal power plant into an eco city

Restoring the aqueduct is just one of the plans underway to transform a former coal power plant into Canada’s most sustainable 15-minute community in Mississauga. Lakeview Community Partners Ltd., the developer behind Lakeview Village, is restoring Cerson Creek, a buried underground waterway that runs through the community. The plan is to restore areas for wildlife … Read more

We need to talk about farming, agriculture and emissions

Many vegetarian activists claim that leaders at COP26 do not pay enough attention to methane emissions from agriculture. They say a global change in diet toward vegetarians could help slow climate change. Continue reading below Our featured videos Animal agriculture contributes about 20% to human-caused climate change. The need for pasture also leads to deforestation. … Read more

Australia’s climate policy ranks last out of 60 countries

Australia’s policies in response to climate change are ranked last according to an assessment released during the COP26 World Summit in Glasgow. The Climate Change Performance Index ranks 60 countries that contribute up to 92% of global carbon dioxide emissions. Among the countries ranked, Australia ranked 54th in energy use, 52nd in renewable energy, and … Read more

7 countries vow to end new oil and gas exploration

Yesterday at COP26, seven countries and one Canadian province joined the Beyond Oil and Gas Alliance. BOGA members have committed to halting oil and gas exploration and production. Continue reading below Our featured videos With none of the seven countries being a major oil or gas producer, the pledge appears more symbolic than practical to … Read more

Scotland’s plastic ban may fail due to UK’s internal strife

The Scottish government has announced that it will ban the sale of plastic straws, cutlery and food packaging made of polystyrene next year. This is part of a larger plan to reduce plastic waste and reduce pollution. The ban will include all polystyrene food packaging containers and their lids, as well as balloon sticks, plates, … Read more

Will Biden keep his oil promises after COP26?

Now that world leaders have left the COP26 climate talks in Glasgow, citizens around the world are wondering if they will keep their promises to cut carbon emissions. As for US President Biden, the ruling is mixed. He’s trying to protect some of the world’s most sacred and important indigenous sites in New Mexico’s Chaco … Read more