California fires killed nearly 20 percent of the world’s Sequoias

California wildfires over the past five years have claimed nearly 20% of the world’s largest sequoias. Frequent fires in Sequoia National Park and surrounding forests have killed a third of California’s orchards.Last year alone, wildfires killed nearly 10,400 of the 75,000 trees native to the western side of the Sierra Nevada mountain range. Continue reading … Read more

Park and Polk is a mixed-use building shaped like an H

San Diego, California is the site of a new mixed-use building, located between the Hillcrest and University of Heights parts of the city on a barren site that has been vacant for ten years. Developed by architect Jonathan Segal, the building is known as Park and Polk. Continue reading below Our featured videos Park and … Read more

Massive electric vehicle charging system coming to L.A.

The Los Angeles Department of Transportation (LADOT) has been awarded a $6 million grant to build one of the largest electric vehicle fleet charging systems in the United States. The entire system will be powered by a small grid of solar energy and storage. Continue reading below Our featured videos The grant, provided by the … Read more

Los Angeles art show features historic Barnsdall olive wood

Barnsdale Art Park in East Hollywood, California has spent its pandemic years changing. The park is best known for its art center and the site of Hollyhock House, designed by famed architect Frank Lloyd Wright. But amid this urban oasis is a historic olive grove of 463 trees. And now an innovative art gallery and … Read more

First regenerative turkeys in California are from Cream Co.

Regenerative agriculture is the current zeitgeist in the fight for sustainable farming practices. It provides a link to the deep history of land management and a model for sustainable food production for the future. Cream Co Meats, the California meat distributor, is setting a new standard for meat that is brought to our tables, including … Read more

Modular design helps UCLA’s Pritzker Hall earn LEED Platinum

There is no better place to ensure a healthy physical and mental environment than in a university’s Bachelor of Psychology program. So when UCLA received $30 million in funding from the Anthony and Jane Pritzker Family Foundation, it used the money to renovate the former Franz Hall into the modern and now completed Pritzker Hall. … Read more