Los Angeles art show features historic Barnsdall olive wood

Barnsdale Art Park in East Hollywood, California has spent its pandemic years changing. The park is best known for its art center and the site of Hollyhock House, designed by famed architect Frank Lloyd Wright. But amid this urban oasis is a historic olive grove of 463 trees. And now an innovative art gallery and … Read more

Smart flower LOTUS moves in response to light

The recipe for this art show includes a dash of intrigue, a measure of intelligence and a full service of the “WOW” factor. LOTUS is a smart, nature-inspired material that mirrors the way flowers work when they’re in the sun. Continue reading below Our featured videos The story of LOTUS in 2010 begins with curiosity … Read more

Climate change is destroying Indigenous rock art

The original rock art persisted for tens of thousands of years. But global warming may be his death. As extreme weather events such as fires, hurricanes, floods and erosion intensify, rock art fades and disappears. A report at a recent symposium declared that the damage is now irreversible. Continue reading below Our featured videos The … Read more