Here are 5 Indigenous eco-charities to support

“There is no Planet B.” Perhaps no one understands this better than the natives. Understanding how to coexist with nature has been a basic life skill for many generations, and indigenous peoples today still respect the environment through various movements. These movements support sustainable, low-impact lifestyles that meet the needs of people and the planet. … Read more

Digital weather station in Spain looks like a wood ring

LPA Studios’ digital totem for the beaches of the Canary Islands won the 2021 Architizer A+ Product Award and Gold Medal at the Grand Prix du Design Awards 14th Edition 2021. This beautiful 2.5 meter high digital beacon combines traditional art forms and modern function, serving as a seasonal sundial and digital weather station Both. … Read more

At COP26, Indigenous activists are fighting to be heard

At COP26 in Glasgow, activists and experts are seeking to be heard and their issues addressed. However, many reasons are ignored. Ruth Miller, director of climate justice for the Indigenous Movement, an Alaska-based grassroots group representing the Miller Aboriginal community, teamed up with eight other young people representing Indigenous groups to advance their agenda at … Read more

First Nation residents exposed to dangerous levels of carcinogens

Residents of Aamjiwnaang First Nation in Ontario have learned that the carcinogenic chemicals in their air are 44 times higher than recommended levels. The revelation came after years of fighting with officials for data on water and air pollution levels. Aamjiwnaang First Nation is a small area in Ontario surrounded by petrochemical facilities. Continue reading … Read more

Indigenous land defender goes missing in Oaxaca, Mexico

Another brave defender has disappeared from the ground in Mexico. Irma Galindo Barrios, a member of the Mixtec indigenous group in Oaxaca, has publicly defended her people’s lands from illegal logging. She has not been seen since October 27. Continue reading below Our featured videos Irma Galindo Barrios, an indigenous defender of the Mixteca in … Read more

Climate change is destroying Indigenous rock art

The original rock art persisted for tens of thousands of years. But global warming may be his death. As extreme weather events such as fires, hurricanes, floods and erosion intensify, rock art fades and disappears. A report at a recent symposium declared that the damage is now irreversible. Continue reading below Our featured videos The … Read more