Solaris Urbino 15 LE Electric Bus Wins 2022 Sustainable Bus Award

The Solaris Urbino 15 LE electric bus has won the 2022 Sustainable Bus Award.

The Sustainable Bus Award, an international competition for the most innovative and sustainable buses and coaches, was launched to promote the idea of ​​sustainable development in public transport. The program also aims to build a positive image of urban transport as a key role in climate change and sustainability.

This year, the grand prize in the Cities category went to Solaris for a 15-pound Urbino electric bus. The jury consisted of representatives from many trade journals across Europe. These included:

  • Mobilities Magazine (France)
  • bus ride (Germany)
  • bus (Italy)
  • Infotracker (Romania)
  • Line bus (Spain)
  • magazine Crossing (Slovenia)
  • Professional buses and coaches (United kingdom)

The award ceremony was hosted by the editor-in-chief of a publishing house in Vado e Torno Edizioni Srland Fabio Zammaretty and editor at sustainable busesRicardo Schiavo.

One of the main areas the jury focused on was the three-axle chassis of the Solaris Urbino 15 LE electric bus. This design helps provide driving stability as well as comfort. Another neat feature of the electric bus is its adaptability to in-city and inter-city transportation.

Another highlight that the jury found innovative was the equipment installed in the vehicle, such as electronic safety features and real-time fleet monitoring. The electric bushing is also equipped with six packs of traction batteries with a total capacity of 470 kWh. It can be charged by both mains and pantograph chargers.

During the ceremony, Mateusz Vegaszewski, Director of e-Mobility Development and Market Intelligence at Solaris Bus & Coach said:

“We are proud that our Solaris Urbino 15 LE electric bus has been recognized by the jury of this prestigious competition. Innovative public transport opens up completely new possibilities for us: clean air, quiet streets and no annoying noise. This has become a reality for many A growing number of environmentally friendly and people-friendly towns and cities. We are pleased that Solaris’ contribution to safe and sustainable publicly accessible transportation is increasingly being recognized.”

Besides Solaris, Isuzu and MAN have also won awards. Isuzu Kendo 13 CNG and Man Lion’s Coach were the other two winning vehicles.

Humberto Gida, UITP’s Senior Director of Knowledge and Innovation, touched on the importance of public transportation to achieving livable cities, but also noted that the bus sector is already helping to reduce emissions from transportation. He spoke of the exponential growth of the past year as unstoppable.

“We cannot achieve livable cities without public transport. European and national policies refer to the decarbonization of bus fleets, although we should stress that the bus sector has already been helping to reduce emissions from transport activities. We expect an increasing number of registrations Clean buses in the coming years in Europe. In 2020, we have seen explosive growth, with 7,500 orders for electric, gas and hybrid buses. It is an unstoppable growth. We also expect to bring completely new products to the market, i.e. platforms designed specifically for electric motors, using materials Clean new and clean industrial processes. We are also seeing that the way vehicles are developed and produced is changing.”

Inge Buytaert, Busworld Marketing and Communications Officer, shared how sustainability is becoming increasingly important and what Busworld has learned about the pandemic in terms of B2B events and seeing products in person.

“We see sustainability getting more and more important, and this is a great opportunity for the bus and coach sector, because we are already a sustainable sector. I think we should have a louder voice, as we announce together to decision makers and to the general public that we are a sustainable industry.”

“In the pandemic, we’ve learned that B2B events need communication and the ability to see and touch products in person. We will use digital tools to improve the physical experience. Now it is sustainable buses Awards host us, but we’ll make sure we deliver the 2023 Sustainable Bus Awards at Busworld once again.

It is important to learn about bus manufacturers who play key roles in sustainability. Solaris recently announced a “charging stand” for electric buses, and I hope other companies and transportation industries here in the United States will follow suit. It would be good to see more proactive approaches to sustainability in my city.

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