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Looking for more Black Friday deals? we visited Internet Week Guide To see the best sales for shopping before and during Black Friday.

Walmart has been running ahead of Black Friday by rolling out a wide range of impressive deals throughout the month, and this week has proven no different — savings continue today on some of the retail giant’s most sought-after items.

Remember that these Black Friday deals will only be around until we run out of stock, so be sure to disable everything you need ASAP. And don’t forget (as if you can!) these Walmart deals will last through Black Friday before finally peaking on Cyber ​​Monday. We’ll be here, covering it all, so check back.


With active noise cancellation to make sure it’s just you and the music, AirPods Pro — which Walmart has now cut at an all-new low price for Black Friday — are fast becoming a favorite for their crisp, clear sound and great features like spatial audio, which tracks your head movements to capture the sound of those around you. With the included case charging power, you’ll have 24 hours of playtime before you have to plug it in again.

Apple Watch Series 3 GPS, 38mm ($109, originally $326.61;

One of the top-rated smartwatches out there, Apple’s Series 3 is great for people who want a workout assistant: it tracks everything from HIIT to cycling and running, has stress-management features and is water-resistant to 50 meters. Daily lap swims, too.

Comfortable (never pinched) headphones block outside noise with a toggle switch, meaning you can block out the world and immerse yourself in music as much (on the subway) or as little (in the office) as you want. 22 hours of listening gives you plenty of time to play Adele’s new album, too.

This feature-packed Fitbit app offers a plethora of fitness workouts, from heart rate and sleep monitoring to running tracking and the perfect playlist (you can download both Spotify and Pandora as well as other apps). Six days of battery life means you can recharge it and charge yourself on your weekly rest day.

This Nest is essentially a command center for your home: lock the doors, invite the family over to dinner over their Nest speakers, set the alarm, see who’s at your door and set the thermostat, all from this little device.

Now on sale this Black Friday, our pick of the best earbuds for Android users, these Samsung devices are built to wear rain or shine (they’re IPX7 water resistant). It also offers ambient noise cancellation when you want to tune in as well as great clarity for voice calls when you have to tune in.

Get theater-style sound from the comfort of your living room with the Vizio floor-to-ceiling speakerphone. It’s easy to use and keep using the app, or the included remote for the less technical people.

Our pick for the best TV is great for people who want to switch between streaming and gaming, thanks to the Roku OS for easy access to connected content and devices, as well as an Auto Game mode for ultra-smooth gameplay.

This TV can blend into your gallery wall by displaying artwork when not in use, and the effect is spot on. It has a processor that upgrades all your media to UHD, and you can customize the edges (sold separately) to match your decor.

Superior sound quality, easy voice control and wireless connectivity are matched by these Sony headphones, our favorite on-ear headphones. Plus, the 30-hour battery life takes you through plenty of commutes without the need for recharging either.

This 4K streaming device turns any TV into Ultra HD, and you can use it to stream all your favorite content, including Roku’s content library. It is also easy to operate; Just connect it to your TV, connect to Wi-Fi and you are good to go.


It’s almost 2022 – none of us Need For cleaning floors. This vacuum robot gets a very powerful 4.7 stars for its ability to absorb winter dirt and grit, self-empty when full and a cleaning schedule tailored to your living styles. Its brushes flex automatically to adapt to different floor types as well, so you don’t have to worry about floors.

Consider this holiday kitchen helper: This Instant Pot lives up to its single, slightly over-the-top name, with the ability to steam, cook rice, pressure cook, slow cook, stir-fry, warm, and even make yogurt. It’s large enough for eight, making this model a great choice for families.

This vacuum cleaner and mop is made for hard floors, with both broom and wet floors — with a handy setup for area rugs, too. A two-tank system keeps clean and dirty water separate, so cleaning is less of a chore.

Get rid of dust and dirt with this Dyson Animal, specially designed for pet owners and has the most powerful suction power of any wire-free vacuum to remove every hair and mud. It has up to 60 minutes of fade-free power for a thorough cleaning of the whole house, too.

Cricut machines are very popular among artisans, and for good reason: They cut everything from cardstock and vinyl to iron-on patches and cardstock for holiday cards (this season). This bundle includes both the Air 2 Daybreak Machine plus $30 of online content at

Nobody enjoy Flossing their teeth, but this Waterpik makes it easier — dare I say, a little addictive? Get it for $20 this Black Friday.

Ninja isn’t lying about the Total Crushing aspect of the blender: Ninjas can chop anything at lightning speed, even shredding carrots you throw in the jug into a thousand pieces ready for smoothing.

Casper has our backs (literally) covered, and he’s here too for our four-legged friends. This plush dog bed has memory foam support and a special material on top that makes dogs feel like they’re hiding comfortably in the loose ground for the ultimate nesting.

Tackle deep cleaning with ease, thanks to this powerful pressure washer, which features 4.7 stars and 2050 psi and comes with three nozzles to get any job done.

Swap the two lids that come with this multi-purpose instant cooker to make more use of its capabilities: it will work on pressure frying and air frying (using 95% less oil compared to traditional methods of frying) as well as steam, sous vide, roasting, baking, drying and more.

Never run out of stamps again (well, at least not for a while) and save $8 in the process with a 100-count stamp roll for just $50.

This elegant SodaStream gives you every type of soda you could want at the push of a button, and it also saves the planet from too many plastic bottles along the way.

Bissell Little Green Portable Spot and Stain Cleaner ($99, originally $123.59;

Leave no trace with Bissell’s Portable Spot Cleaner – ideal for use at holiday dinners, for example, that includes sauces, red wine, and people’s couches. This compact steam cleaner has the power to lift dirt, footprints, and stains from stairs, carpets, sofas, chairs, and more.

Make yourself one cup without wasting a pot or take the family on a whirl with the K-Duo coffee maker, now at $20 off.

Make barista-style espresso in your own kitchen with Nespresso, which is very similar to our selection of the best single-serve coffee maker. It can brew up to five different cup sizes as well as different coffee styles from espresso to gran lungo and alto. It also has barcode reading technology so you can customize the mix by product, and lets you take it easy in the morning by doing all this with the push of a button.


Our top pick for liquid eyeliner, thanks to its longevity and ability to not budge, Stila’s All Day Eyeliner lives up to its name. Best of all, it’s waterproof for when the holidays bring those happy moments.

A refurbished Dyson hair dryer is just as good as a new hair dryer, especially when you save around $70. It comes with a diffuser and styling nozzle so you can get exactly the look you want with precise temperature control, and it happens to be our upgrade pick for the best hair dryer.

Philips Norelco Electric Shaver ($69.97, originally $109.97;

Upgrade your razor before it’s time for family photos with this Philips Norelco model, which has 72 self-sharpening blades for close, continuous shave (the good kind), whether you choose a wet or dry razor. Also included is a pressure-activated trimmer for facial hair and sideburns.

The Amazon Coat will always be the Amazon coat, and it will always be the one we want to wear on snowy winter days on the town. Now it’s heavily discounted—$150, in fact—at Walmart of all places, in beige, olive, black or gray.

Replace the washcloth with a high-tech facial cleanser, which uses the gentlest brush to clean your skin, no matter what type it is. It has eight speeds to choose from, and a single charge will last you up to 300 cleanings.


Electric bikes solve the whole hill problem that prevents many would-be cyclists from going two-wheeled on their commute or errands – and it does it in style with a bright turquoise finish. It’s also great for commuting due to the mobility assistance, and it has an undeniably beneficial environmental impact as well.

This is for kids, not adults, but they can still cruise at up to 10 miles per hour and get up to 40 minutes of continuous running time (or 6.5 miles).

Monopoly ($10, originally $19.82;

Classic Monopoly is currently an exceptionally good buy at half the price, and the only time the screen will step in is when someone is looking at the nuances of the rules of play.

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