Rivian Encounters “Production Hell.” R1S Deliveries Pushed Back 3 Months — Or More

To paraphrase Jerry Seinfeld (older readers may remember him), “Death is easy. Building cars is hard.” People worked suds a few years ago when Tesla experienced what Elon Musk called “production hell” as it struggled to ramp up manufacturing of the Model 3. Things got so bad that Elon Musk started spending nights in the Fremont factory sleeping at the end of the assembly line so he could tackle any Real-time production issues.

Rivian, which began manufacturing its own R1T electric truck, is now setting its sights on getting the R1S electric SUV out of the door and into the hands of customers. Like Tesla before, Rivian finds that talking about delivery dates is an entirely different matter, and it’s another thing to achieve these goals.

The first R1S was scheduled to launch in January, but in emails to booking owners this week, I notified them that it would likely be March or April before delivering their cars to customers. The wait will likely be longer than that. Rivian owners forum user Duesenberg He posted a copy of a notice he got from Rivian customer service this week that said:


Thank you for your continued support of Rivian. We can’t wait for you to drive your R1S! Now that vehicle production has increased at our plant in Normal, IL, and we’re building our service and support in your area, we can share an updated delivery window.

Your R1S delivery window is now from June to July 2022. Please note that this delivery window depends on your current configuration, delivery location, and pre-order date. Your pre-order is a vote to find better ways to do things on a planet that needs all of us to think bigger and innovate. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Thanks again.

Several bookers reported receiving similar emails, some promising deliveries in April and May and some promising deliveries in June and July. Inside electric vehicles He points out that most current pre-orders are for the launch version of the car, which won’t be equipped with the largest battery pack available. She speculates that deliveries of the non-release version cars likely won’t occur until sometime in 2023.

The news caused a rift among some of the reservations holders, who said they had canceled their pre-order and would buy a Tesla Model Y or Volkswagen ID.4 instead. All this panic led to another forum member who goes by the name NS. homely To post this rather eloquent comment:

“If you’re planning for delivery in 2022 you’re an idiot. Rivian never promised you a delivery date. While we all want our Rivian NOW, we’ve never promised you a delivery date. When the configurator launched in November 2020, Rivian made it clear that the LE would be delivered first — it doesn’t include LE Battery Max Pack, and it was announced that the R1S will be delivered specifically after the R1T. Anyone with an LE configuration is now (for the first time) promised in mid-2022. Your 2018 reservation buys you a few months ahead of 2020. But seriously, Did you really expect Rivian to submit all of her pre-orders at the same time as the first pre-order was delivered?”

I’m not a candidate for the Rivian R1S, but if I were, I would definitely order one in Red Canyon (see above). To all of our Rivian reservation holders, we have these words of advice: patience, grasshopper.

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