US coronavirus: As the Omicron variant sparks concern, experts say it’s time for unvaccinated Americans to get their shots

“My hope is that over the next week or two, a lot of these people will benefit from the vaccine,” Dr. William Schaffner, a professor at Vanderbilt University Medical Center, told a CNN reporter on Friday. “It will help us in the near term. I expect that, despite Omicron’s poor condition, our vaccine will still … Read more

World Chess Championship: Chess is sexy again. But for Magnus Carlsen, it’s business as usual

He will face contender Ian Nepomnyashchi across 14 matches for a staggering $2.24 million prize money. Friday’s opening match had ended in a draw. Since the 1970s, when American legend Bobby Fisher came onto the scene, the game has captured the world’s attention in this way. Is chess sexy again? Carlsen does not matter, as … Read more

How two neighbors went from strangers to sharing Thanksgiving together

Susana Orego-Villegas and her husband, Edward White, international students who live in Brooklyn, Massachusetts, were able to spend their first Thanksgiving with a neighbor they didn’t know even a month ago, all thanks to a post on Nextdoor. Our first Thanksgiving was amazing,” Origo Villegas told CNN. All food was sacred. Orrego Villegas is on … Read more

Madonna hits out at Instagram for removing photos

In a post on her verified account on Thursday, the 63-year-old said she decided to repost the photos after the social media site took them down for violating adult nudity rules. Pictures were reposted showing the singer in various poses, wearing mesh stockings in the bedroom with emoji covering her nipples. A spokesperson for Meta, … Read more

Why these students are dreading their 21st birthdays

It’s the moment when everything you’ve worked for can get away with it. “All my friends talk passionately about turning 21—hitting bars, all that…but it’s just something I dread,” she says. On the day Parvathinathan turns 21, she will no longer be protected by the work visa that allowed her parents to immigrate to the … Read more

Opinion: Judges are telling us the story of Donald Trump and January 6

In this conversation, government officials were the loudest—perhaps, not surprisingly, breaking down along partisan lines: Democrats loudly cheering the need for extensive investigation to explore the Big Lie and its consequences; By contrast, Republicans, with few exceptions, declared that there was no need for an investigation at all, and that, insofar as January 6 had … Read more

This is why you can’t find rapid at-home Covid tests in America

“We want to try and avoid the EUA quagmire,” said Pep Hendricks, vice president of operations at the startup. Its testing is still in early development. On the advice of consultants, the company is considering an alternative route through the Food and Drug Administration to the US market. It’s just the way our government works,” … Read more

Nashville apartment shooting: 3 dead and 4 injured in shooting inside a Nashville apartment, police say

The Nashville Police Department said in a tweet. Police said authorities found two rifles at the scene, and there was no indication of forced entry. No arrests have been made and the investigation is ongoing. This is an evolving story. . Please check back for updates .

Bryan Adams tests positive for Covid-19 for the second time

The rocker, who is also a photographer, shared on his verified Instagram account that he tested positive after arriving at Milan Malpensa Airport. “Here I am, I just arrived in Milan and tested positive for Covid for the second time in a month,” the caption read next to photos of him at the airport. “So … Read more

Prince William’s overpopulation remarks will do women no favors

As I was looking for reactions to the second consecutive address to the British throne at the awards ceremony on Monday where he said: “The increasing pressure on wildlife and wild places in Africa, as a result of the human population, is a major challenge for conservationists, “I found almost identical notes he made four … Read more