Little House Brewing Company Gets A New Tesla Solar Roof

Little House Brewing Company, a microbrewery in downtown Chester, Connecticut, has taken to Twitter to share its news of Tesla’s new solar roof. The company shared that this was their dream long before they opened. Adding a special thanks to the team at Tesla Solar, they noted that it was fun to share beer with the team that installed a new solar roof and Tesla Powerwalls.

If there is a power outage in that area, the microbrewery will surely be a place of comfort, warmth and safety for those who seek such a place to charge their phones and communicate with their loved ones.

On a related note, Hyundai now plans to offer its own version of home energy services. The automaker has announced the new Hyundai Home is an integrated clean energy ecosystem that will provide solutions for both consumers’ cars and their homes. Hyundai plans to offer solar panels, its own version of a home energy storage system, and an EV charger for the home.

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