Hyundai Launches Home Energy Ecosystem Line

Hyundai USA has taken a page out of Tesla’s book and is launching its own power production lines. Hyundai Home offers three products that it hopes Tesla Energy will compete with.

“You can not only charge your Hyundai electric vehicle at home, but also have the ability to carry energy in your home. Hyundai Home gives you an easy way to produce, store, and use your energy with solar panels, energy storage systems, and a home EV charger.”

Although the products aren’t available yet, looking at the webpage made me feel like deja vu. Hyundai Home plans to introduce solar panels, an energy storage system, and a home EV charger. Not much is known about solar panels, but Hyundai encourages you to register to find out more. Hyundai noted that solar panels are an efficient way to generate your own electricity while reducing carbon emissions.

Hyundai buys solar panels with small, compact inverters as well as energy storage systems available from the same company. The technology of this company is famous for its high efficiency and long-lasting performance. However, the name of that company has not yet been revealed. What is your guess?

There is also very little detail other than that the excess energy generated by the solar panels can be stored. The home electric charger will be a 240V (level 2) charger that can charge up to 3-7 times faster than a conventional 110V charger. Hyundai has no plans to include a wall charger with the EV price, but it encourages its customers to work with their dealers or buy from the new location.

The reason behind Hyundai’s launch of this power system is its desire to ease customers’ burden in their arduous search for home energy. The company said it wanted to simplify the process by creating a “one-stop shop” energy ecosystem so that customers didn’t have to know too many things.

“The idea of ​​solar energy is still a new and complex space. Customers spend hours doing research to decide which products to use, which products are the safest and most compatible with their needs. With Hyundai Home, we simplify the process. With our “one-stop” energy ecosystem, we do the work required for the client.

Hyundai noted that “many OEMs” offer a solution similar to the ecosystem but theirs is superior. [Editor’s note: Similar programs have been launched as far back as 10 years ago. Ford and SunPower teamed up, for example, to offer rooftop solar power to Ford Focus EV buyers. I recall similar partnerships for Nissan and Honda EV buyers. Of course, back then, stationary energy storage systems weren’t yet part of the package.]

“Hyundai delivers an excellent customer experience that combines Hyundai leadership in customer care and service with leading power and electrical partners. Launching Hyundai Home in collaboration with these industry experts is the perfect way to offer Hyundai Home to customers looking for a simpler way to receive solar charging solutions and EV For example we do not require that our energy storage solutions be bundled with solar panels We include microinverters with our solar panels Microinverters enable solar panels to operate independently even if one of them is partially in the shade.

“We will also prioritize an excellent customer experience. The Hyundai Home experience will include a personalized purchasing process and continuous/consistent touchpoints throughout the customer’s electric vehicle journey – ensuring and ensuring customer satisfaction. Our goal is to make sustainable use of solar, electricity and living as seamless as possible.”

Hyundai has indicated that its products should be available in early 2022 at select dealers.

Featured image provided by Hyundai USA.

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