Couple Uses Tesla Summon To Safely Scare Off Javelinas

A Scottsdale, Arizona couple found themselves in a unique predicament that ended up being rescued by a recall feature on their Tesla Model 3. The couple, Kimberly and Jeff Wilder, were showing off their new home to a girlfriend, Caroline. The house was still under construction, and while viewing it, they noticed a family of spears outside.

Jeff realized that the spear can become very projective due to the presence of two children in the family. 12 news He noted that Jeff suggested that his wife and friend Caroline withdraw inside the house. At first, Kimberly and Caroline didn’t know why Jeff wanted them to go inside until he explained that there were spears in their yard. They have attempted to do what the Arizona Department of Fish and Game requires residents to do when they encounter a spear. Jeff said 12 news, “We would open the window and make a loud noise like this (clapping) and they would just freeze for a second. Then they would go back to what they were doing.”

Jeff starts to feel like he and Kimberly and Caroline are trapped inside their house ten minutes after them trying to scare the animals away. The spear spears weren’t leaving, so it was time for Jeff to get creative. Jeff explained that at first, he tried to honk at the spear. They would freeze and then go back to what they were doing.

Using the Tesla app on his phone, Jeff recalled his Tesla Model 3.

“Okay, well, let’s see what happens if I move this big car behind him and see how they react.”

As soon as the car started moving, the javelinas freaked out and took off.

when 12 news Jeff asked what the new Tesla logo might be next, and he said, “Maybe they put in a new feature where it makes some kind of lion noise or something. They can kind of build on it and market it as some kind of animal protection device.”

Kimberly noted that this would not be the last time they encountered wildlife and emphasized that they were on the ground of wildlife. However, the couple now knows how to safely scare away any wildlife if they get trapped inside their home.

“Here we live amid the wilderness, it’s a part of it. So we’re on their land. We have to learn to share the grass together. We can clear them if we want to. We know what to do now.”

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