Abortion rights: Here are the two cases the Supreme Court could overturn

Resolutions, in 1973 and 1992, laid constitutional benchmarks and described in strong terms the difficult issues at hand. In Roe v. Wade, the judges initially acknowledged “the sensitive and emotional nature of the abortion debate, the strong opposing opinions, even among physicians, and the profound and seemingly absolute convictions that the subject inspires.” Nearly two … Read more

Omicron coronavirus variant puts world on edge

Dr. Anthony Fauci said Tuesday that it’s too soon to know whether a variant of the omicron virus causes less severe disease than the delta variant – despite reports that many cases so far have been mild. Most cases of Covid-19 are generally mild, especially among younger patients. But still, the virus can cause severe … Read more

FBI seized roughly $2.3 million in cryptocurrency tied to ransomware attacks

Alexander Sekirin, whose last known address was in Saint Petersburg, Russia, belonged to a notorious ransom gang known as REvil that has cost US companies millions of dollars, the Justice Department alleges in a complaint filed in the Northern District of Dallas, Texas. . The complaint states that the cryptocurrency account, or “wallet,” now under … Read more

City Councilman Andre Dickens will become Atlanta’s next mayor, CNN projects

Dickens and Moore advanced to the runoff after no candidate in a broad field received a majority of the vote earlier this month. Democratic Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms announced in May that she would not seek re-election. As of Tuesday, polls indicated the competition was close with a large segment of the electorate still undecided. … Read more

Conservative legal activists watch SCOTUS abortion cases with worry over what happens if they lose

said Mike Davis, an aide to the Senate Judiciary Committee who founded Draft Article III, a conservative judicial law firm. Rising concerns among conservative social stakeholders and anti-abortion activists — which come as the Supreme Court decides on two abortion-related cases in the coming months — stem from a series of episodes in which Republican-appointed … Read more

NM authorities get search warrant on suspected supplier of “Rust” ammo

In a search warrant, which the Santa Fe County Sheriff’s Office provided to CNN, “Rust” gunsmith Hana Gutierrez Reid said in an interview with law enforcement that she or sponsored Sarah Zachry picked up ammunition for the film from a man named Seth Kenny at PDQ Arm and Prop. Authorities identified two possible ways in … Read more

Alice Sebold apologizes to Anthony Broadwater, the man exonerated of her rape after years in prison

“First, I want to say I’m really sorry for Anthony Broadwater, and I’m so sorry for what I went through,” Sebold, author of “The Lovely Bones,” wrote in a statement posted to Medium.com. Broadwater, who has long maintained his innocence, was convicted of rape in 1982 and spent 16 years in prison. He has been … Read more

Lauren Boebert isn’t sorry – CNNPolitics

The call, mom, didn’t go well. After Omar demanded that Boebert apologize publicly and Boebert refused, the Democrat closed in on the Republican. At this point, Poibert took to social media (of course!) to make it clear that she wasn’t actually sorry. “I will fearlessly continue to put America first, and I will not sympathize … Read more