Britney Spears has no plans to do Oprah interview right now

But a source close to Spears told CNN that the singer had no immediate plans to interview Winfrey, despite her recent announcement on social media that she would like to.

“Britney hasn’t interviewed Oprah and she’s not even in discussions for an interview yet,” the source said. “Will it happen? Maybe, but not now.”

As for whether the two might meet this year, the source said that the interview, if it does happen, will likely not take place until 2022.

The Grammy winner posted on social media last week that she had more to say about her 13-year restoration period after it was over. She hinted at a possible interview with Winfrey.

“I might do a hint of my thoughts about the gram before I go and set things up for Oprah!!!! I mean who knows… I know how embarrassing it is to share the fact that I have never seen money or been unable to drive… BUT… Honestly it still amazes me every day, I wake up how my family and guardianship were able to do what they did to me!!!!” Spears wrote. “I’m used to keeping the family peace and keeping my mouth shut…but not this time…I haven’t forgotten.”


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