Ahmaud Arbery trial and verdict news

Paul Camarillo, Linda Dankowski, and Larissa Oliver (CNN)

The jury in the trial of three men for Ahmaud Arbery’s death was made up of 11 white people and one black person, but prosecutors told CNN they felt that when the jury heard their arguments, they would make a decision to find all three. Guilty, which they did.

“I was hopeful based on the evidence we presented in the case that we’ve put forward that the jury will see what really happened and justice will be served to the Arbery family,” said Linda Donikowski, senior assistant attorney for Cobb County. “After we picked the jury, we looked at them and realized that we had very smart, very smart, and impartial jurors who were going to do their job of looking for the truth. And so, we felt that making our case, it didn’t matter whether they were black or white, and that making our case that This jury will hear the truth, they will see the evidence and they will do the right thing and I come back with the right verdict we felt they did today.”

One of the main goals of Attorney General Paul Camarillo, the chief assistant attorney for Cobb County, was to show that the defendant’s claim of self-defense, simply wasn’t a viable argument.

“We had to show that doesn’t apply in this case, and if they can’t get past that hurdle, they can never defend themselves,” Camarillo said.

Cobb County’s assistant district attorney Larissa Oliver said she felt bad for Arbery’s parents when a defense attorney started talking about Arbery’s nails.

“I think the comments were unnecessary and were low-key. I feel bad because Ahmed’s mom’s dad had to sit there and listen to all this stuff,” Oliver said.

Donikowski said defense attorney Kevin Gough’s comments about black pastors — even though they were made without a jury in attendance — were strategic.

“Mr. Gough is a very, very good lawyer, and he did on purpose, on purpose and strategically, I believe, what he did to try and introduce some potential errors into the case should the case be lost and taken on appeal,” she said.


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