A Ford Executive Told Potential Mustang Mach-E Buyer It’d Probably Be Better To Buy A Tesla

After being unable to avoid adding major branding on his Ford Mustang Mach-E, a potential customer stepped up to it. The Ford CEO who responded told a potential Ford Mustang Mach-E buyer that it would be easier for them to just buy a Tesla Model 3 (no hallmarks and no bargaining with Tesla) than to pre-order the Ford Mustang Mach-E. This is according to a report from our friends on Day Teslarati.

Unfortunately, this is not surprising due to the terrible selling experience that many electric vehicle buyers endure when trying to purchase an electric vehicle from older car manufacturers. For example, watch this shocking story of someone trying to buy a Ford Mustang Mach-E earlier this year.

In this case, the problem was that Redditor “OrderlyMayhem” who really wanted Mach-E found that Ford dealers wouldn’t accept Pre-orders The new EV without coding added. Naturally, this was something he didn’t want to do. Why pay more than the sticker price? The price should be what the label says, in my opinion, especially when pre-ordering from the internet. However, the agents make their money from fees, profits and the price is rarely advertised. As noted above, the potential customer contacted a Ford executive for assistance in the hope that they had a solution. (There were claims earlier this year in response to the above story that these kinds of problems could be fixed if you went straight to Ford.)

The CEO responded that there was nothing Ford could do to prevent its dealerships from adding price tags to the MSRP of EVs. Then the CEO admitted that perhaps it would be best for that person to pre-order a Tesla, as there are no such pricing games. So, of course, Ford lost a customer. Simon Alvarez in Teslarati Note that this is not a unique story. With a quick look at the comments on Reddit alone, other EV fans have shared their own experiences.

This story brings me back to something I wrote earlier this year about Ford, dealerships, and how they’re preventing Ford from competing with Tesla in the electric car market:

“It’s one thing to have a product that rivals Tesla, and having the sales experience is another thing. And the old Ford selling model is not helping.”

Although Ford is serious about electric cars, its approach to selling them leaves customers frustrated and looking elsewhere. Ford dealerships are standing in the way of their success selling electric vehicles. When Ford executives tell customers they should buy a Tesla, you know there’s a problem.

Ford works with the dealership model that is used to getting what you want and being the only point of access for its customers. This model is now scaring customers. Previously, the only way you could buy a new car was through the dealership. Today, customers have many other options and are not afraid to use them.

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