8 Benefits of Website Monetization Platforms

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 Since consistently producing content is an extremely difficult task for a publisher, many seek out platform for monetization to handle their monetization strategies, google adsense alternatives.

 Here are eight main reasons that make it worthwhile to partner with a platform for monetization of publishers.

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 8 benefits of a web-based publisher monetization platform:

   Ad Revenue Optimization

   Technical Expertise

   Overall Support

   Best-Performing Ad Formats and Placements


   Ad Refresh

   Analytics and Reporting

   Time and Cost-Efficiency

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 1. Ad Revenue Optimization

 If you’re looking to make money online via web monetization, the goal always is to sell your advertising space for the most lucrative cost, isn’t it?

 Bidding on Headers is the way this is achieved. It exposes your ad inventory to a greater number of buyers at the same time which increases the amount of money you earn from advertising.

 There are two methods to acquire bidding technology for headers:

 1. Make it yourself.

 2. Join forces with a company that monetizes such as Setupad.

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 Making your own bidding configuration can be costly and lengthy. Additionally, you’ll need to establish partnerships that include premium demand providers ( SSPs, ads exchanges) This might not be feasible for medium and small-sized publishers.

 Are you ready to design tags, create prices floors and implement blocklists? Then, repeat the procedure in the form of 15 interfaces? Even the simplest tasks could take months.

 If you decide to sign with a website or monetization service, you’ll be able to use and manage the most modern bidding system for headers in just the span of a couple of days.

 2. Technical Expertise

 Many digital publishers lack large IT and AdOps teams. Inexperience in technical skills is one of the major dangers that publishers face when they begin to earn money from websites.

 For example, incorrectly placed tags can cause ads not being displayed being cropped or rendering the user interface unusable.

google adsense alternatives

 A sample of an ad that was incorrectly placed

 A website’s monetization system will handle any technical issues, and will ensure that you are prepared to be ready for any industry updates or new regulations.

Learn More About Google Adsense Alternatives

 Find our testimonials of our customers on his overall experience working with us technical support.

  Founder of CuteStockFootage.com, says: “After two years of successful collaboration with Setupad, they have shown excellent consultancy guidance. Their engineers have helped me in the banner design process on my own custom-designed website. In addition, they have assisted me in fixing some non-technical issues with my GUI*.”

  *GUI- Graphical user interface

 Source: CuteStockFootage.com – 40% Ad Revenue Uplift | Case Study

 3. Overall Support

 Apart from having access to cutting-edge technology, every client, big or small will have an Account Manager who is assigned to him.

 A Account Manager will assist you with tag placement and deciding on the appropriate ads and sizes and resolving any issues that arise during the collaboration.

 4. Best-Performing Ad Formats and Placements

 To get the most benefit from monetizing websites it is crucial to examine a website’s performance and select the most effective sizes for ads or placements, as well as the best formats and formats.

 For instance, websites with scrollable content can benefit from ads that have high visibility in addition to ECPM rates, like anchor and sticky advertisements. A monetization platform will analyze your site to find the best solution for you.

 In the picture below you will see the 970×90-inch anchor billboard ads.

google adsense alternatives

 Another benefit of a web-based monetization platform is the selection of digital ads formats including the video instream widget that is available for mobile and desktop devices, which helps to make sure that visitors stay longer on your site.

google adsense alternatives

 It’s equally important to create an balanced balance between ads and content to ensure the most enjoyable user experience.

Learn More About Google Adsense Alternatives

 5. Anti-Malvertising

 In 2020, fraud on advertising has cost the world’s advertising industry 35 billion dollars in 2020, and this amount is predicted to be $50 billion by 2025.

 Malvertising isn’t just the cause of publishers’ ad revenue loss, but it is also a cause of poor user experience as bad advertisements slow down your site in the average of 34.4 percent.

 Therefore, the prevention of malware attacks is one of the major benefits of website the monetization.

 The HTML0 Google Chrome extension allows users to report unwanted advertisements in real-time.

google adsense alternatives

 With Setupad publishers do not have to worry about revenue loss, an increase in latency on their pages as well as losing their brand’s image due to poor quality advertisements.

 6. Ad Refresh

 Refreshing ads is a method of refreshing ads that are already shown for users who are active, without refreshing the entire page. It allows publishers to earn additional ad revenue per user.

 But, the method of the refresh of ads is that it only refreshes the viewable impressions of ads. So, a reliable advertising refresh algorithm takes into the behavior of users. It only refreshes ads when it is beneficial to the advertiser and does not reduce the average CTR.

 Ad refresh is another reason websites that monetize their sites could be called AdSense alternatives, since Google AdSense doesn’t have an advertising refresh.

 7. Analytics and Reporting

 A very crucial elements of website monetization is to continuously monitor and optimize the results.

google adsense alternatives

 Setupad’s sophisticated reporting dashboard provides real-time monetization and performance and audience data to give you the best resolution.

google adsense alternatives

 Furthermore, with our calculator for calculating revenue from ads, and our website yield formula it is possible to determine the relation between various factors, such as advertisements per page and the amount of user sessions to calculate your earnings.

 8. Time and Cost-Efficiency

 In tackling time-consuming chores, platforms for monetization allow publishers to free up time to focus on creating top-quality content.

 It’s also much cheaper paying your partner for monetization a modest monthly fee rather than the expenses of running an entire AdOps team.

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