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Imagine being able to work when you felt like it. Being able to collect an income that found its way to your bank account whether you liked it or not.

Not only that, but imagine if it was embarrassingly easy to get to that stage. To get to a point where you could be earning enough to pay the bills automatically.

To pay off your mortgage automatically.

Hell, to have a full-time income earned automatically.

This is the adsense lifestyle that some people are living today

But what if you’ve already tried earning through adsense, did you make a wrong turn?

There’s nothing worse than working your butt off every day and not knowing whether you’ll get paid for your blood, sweat and tears!

There is surely nothing more soul-destroying than the sheer frustration of slaving over a buzzing computer in the hope that your efforts will pay off.When I first started out in Internet Marketing I quickly latched onto building adsense sites because it was claimed to be the “easiest” way for a beginner to make some money.

That wasn’t my experience at all, I found it to be a slow, laborious and downright painful way to make money.

Was I being lied to? Was I missing out on an important piece of the puzzle?

After building a handful of sites, filling them with content, submitting them all over the place and tediously writing articles I was still lucky to make over a dollar a day!

I bought up every adsense-related product I could find – expensive ebooks, extortionately priced sets of videos.

I waded through forum after forum, hunting for that one guide that would take me from A to B – telling me exactly how a good adsense income is made.

But still, little over one measly dollar a day!

“I couldn’t understand what I was doing wrong!”

Major Problem –  Everybody has different ways of running their adsense businesses – some of their methods work well, others work not so well. 

The fact is there is too much contradictory information out there. It’s little wonder I was getting mixed up.

It was only when I sat down with a notepad and pen and wrote down what worked and what didn’t, that I realised this is what other people needed too.

And it was only when I compiled a step-by-step plan, or formula, that I started to see big returns on my hard work.

“My Adsense Formula” is an easy to read quick-start guide that’ll show you how to create profitable adsense sites from scratch – even if you’re new at it!

And let me tell you, my methods are all resolutely whitehat.

For a long time I tried to follow the sneaky methods of more dishonest marketers only for the search engines to drop my sites. All my work wasted – but I learned my lesson.

As my sites fell down the rankings like a lead balloon I realised that it paid to do things properly, the honest way, if you like, and that’s why you’ll find no evil tricks or attempts to fool the search engines in this publication.

My guide will reveal to you how to make your sites futureproof, so you never have to worry about slipping down the rankings. 

Your traffic will only increase – if you follow the formula.

You’ll be amazed at how simple it is to create sites that will continue to bring money in even if you never touch them again!

You’re probably wondering who the hell I am, after all everybody seems to be promoting their adsense expertise. I like to keep under the radar and I’m not big at promoting myself in forums or having my cheesy mug plastered everywhere.

All I can tell you is that I’ve spent a couple of years testing ways of building sites for adsense and now that I’m successful, I figure it’s time to let you take a shortcut.

You have the advantage of skipping over my failures and heading right for the finish line in first place!

Don’t worry, I’m not going to print a bunch of receipts or adsense statistics – they can be too easily doctored. I gave up believing those things a long while ago.

Before you start thinking here we go, yet another adsense system which will tell me stuff I already know – let me put a few things straight!

This manual only came about because I was writing one for myself.

I was trying to cut through the hype, forget everybody else’s “systems” and ideas for building adsense sites and come up with my own version – a streamlined, cash guzzling beast, no less.

This will not tell you…

How to slap up spammy web pages solely for adsense purposes
How to fool the search engines using “software” that can improve your rankings
How to become an adsense “guru” overnight
How to make thousands through adsense with the click of a button

I’ve been through all that kind of stuff and you can fool Google and friends for a little while but eventually they catch up with you and your income takes a nosedive.

I’ve taken all the advice online about how to build an “adsense empire”, stirred it all up – added my own spicy little touches and produced a strategy that works for me consistently, every day.Find out methods that are completely future proof and so simple that a complete beginner could implement them.

“It’s time for some breakthrough strategies to put you leaps and bounds ahead of the competition!”

It’s time to destroy the adsense hype and reveal tips and techniques that will work now and in the future…

In fact, adsense has become a tool for marketers to sell people like you and I more and more expensive products.

They cash in on the hype of easy money and give you a bunch of information that you could find out from Google’s own FAQ section.

And then they charge an arm and a leg for it!

I’ve fallen foul of many of these products. Not anymore, and now you don’t have to either!

No expensive software or complicated plans.

A stunningly simple walkthrough so clear and precise that my dear old Grandma could follow it!

What you’ll find inside is highly valuable information that only came to light through my own trial and error and many nights of despair when I almost gave up.

Never give up.

That’s probably the most important “secret” right there – of course if you’ve got a masterplan to follow then things suddenly become a hell of a lot easier!

This isn’t a mammoth publication but it’s sharp and packed full of cutting-edge ideas that you can apply to make any website profitable within as little as a few days.

One of the secrets revealed enables a brand new website to start getting adsense clicks within the first week. This is previously unheard of!

Inside this coaching you will find out…

How to build a successful adsense site – even if you’ve never built one before!
The ultimate technique for positioning your ad – this knowledge alone could triple your clickthrough!
How to target a super-niche – it’s no good going after “credit cards” or “make money from home” niches. This is crucial and could mean the difference between success and failure!
How to construct your site so that the search engines immediately fall in love with it – get high up the rankings and stay there!
The system that can be repeated again and again to multiply your virtual real estate empire (cheesy term I know!)
The single, cunning tactic that can bring swathes of free trafficto your site – and this can be repeated for any niche!
How to set up an autopilot system – sit back and receive your Google checks indefinitely.
Why you never need to worry about search engine changes – make your sites futureproof!

 …and with my just added surprises at the bottom of the page you’ll find out…

How to get started immediately – so you can begin earning within one month!
A daily routine that can be followed step by step – literally day 1 do this, day 2 – now do this. The biggest reason so many adsense beginners fail is because they don’t have a routine.
How to get started blogging for adsense – blogs are free and easy to set up – so add them to your collection of income streams.
The powerful methods to give your site an avalanche of visitors – all within the first month!

The beauty of my system is that you will be able to produce profitable websites that will continue pouring cash into your wallet, whether or not adsense is still around.

Let me explain… because I am totally against any kind of foul play, ie spammy websites and junk pages, I will show you how to make a profitable site.